Mark Vinson


I find joy in Border Collies, Lake Superior fish, leftovers, 3rd hand clothes, snow, bikes, and data visualization. When ladling soup I get more chunks than broth.

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A bit more about me

Field Research

I have studied aquatic plants, invertebrates, and fish from caves, springs, rivers, lakes and wetlands in deserts, jungles, mountains, and the arctic. I have collaborated with scientists and led scientific expeditions throughout the United States, Canada, Pakistan, and Africa. I am comfortable in uncomfortable places.

Lake Superior fish collections, color coded by year.

A view into a Lake Superior fish survey

Laboratory Work

I have processed or supervised the identification of more than 35,00 benthic invertebrate, zooplankton, and fish stomach content samples. I taught aquatic invertebrate taxonomy and biology at Utah State University. Stable istope sample preparation and fish aging are also present in my tool box.

Data Visualization

Atractive data, be it sensible data frames or pretty plots, is a way of life I aspire to. Visual appeal increases engagement which parlays into greater comprehension and better decisions. Here’s a few recent examples I’ve done with Caroline Rosinski

Presentation Examples

A typical big data talk, The Lake Superior Biological Station’s 2019 Lake Superior fish survey results

A typical research topic talk, Lake Superior Ciscoe Recruitment


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Home life

Chores and mountain biking with my dog bring me joy.

Kimber Vinson uncharacteristically relaxing

First tracks

The cabin down by the river with Rio Vinson

The homestead

Coyote snacks


The apiary

The number of apples it takes to make 100 gallons of cider

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